Платы расширения

Описанные в данном руководстве платы расширения могут использоватся совместно с LPC4350-DB1, LPC1850-DB1 и LPC4350-DB1.

The are several extension boards you can mount to LPC4350 Demoboard:

  • LCD 1024x768 with PWM and GPIO - allows you to develop, debug and work with LCD screen and its brigtness level.
  • Flash and SDIO extension board - with this extension board you can obtain access to additional memory flash cards.
  • I2S+DAC Extension Board - allows you to use I2S-bus and DAC.
  • ADC extension board - extension board with ADC.
  • HDMI extension board - adds HDMI connector to your Demoboard.
  • PWM extension board - extension board with PWM.
  • RS&CAN extension board
  • Wi-Fi extension Board
  • Bluetooth Board
  • Power Board